EtherMium is not only revolutionizing the way exchanges work, but it also offers a revolutionary affiliate program based on the trustless decentralized philosophy.

Affiliate assignments and payouts are embedded in our core exchange smart contract, meaning that once you are assigned as the affiliate to your referred customer, you cannot be removed or changed. Due to the permanent nature of the blockchain, once assigned you can never be deleted.

The affiliate commission can never be decreased. It is coded into our smart contract (that cannot be changed once deployed) that the affiliate commission can only be INCREASED! So there is no way for us to decrease the commission paid to affiliates.

Affiliates are stored on a separate contract. If at some point we decide to update our core contract, the affiliates will remain assigned as before because all affiliate-referral assignments are stored on a different smart contract.

Affiliates are paid immediately. The payout is embedded in the trade function of the core smart contract. Meaning that the affiliate is paid at the same time as the trade is being processed. The affiliate commission is instantly available in the affiliate balance on ETHERMIUM and can be immediately withdrawn. 

Affiliates are paid in CRYPTO. Not only do you benefit from the 25% commission from all trading fees of your referrals, but you also benefit from the potential rise in the price of ETH and tokens.

Affiliates are paid both in ETH and in Tokens. You receive the affiliate commission from the token bought by your referral. So for example, if your referral sells a token and receives ETH for it, your commission is paid in ETH. If the referral buys a token, you receive the commission in the purchased token. This way you are positively selecting the bough tokens that could increase in value exponentially after some time.

There is no better deal for affiliates on the marker, for sure.

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