In order to trade on, you need an Ethereum wallet, no other information is required.

We will not ask you for your name, email or any other personal data. You can trade on anonymously. 

For your convenience we let you create an Ethereum wallet straight from our website. You can also use MetaMask (Google Chrome extension) or Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet).



On the homepage click the CREATE NEW WALLET button.

That's it! Your New Ethereum Wallet is set up and you're ready to start trading safely on!



We advise you to download the .txt file with your Wallet Address and Private Key information. Make sure you keep your private key safe, as we will not be able to restore access if the keys are lost. 

Alternativity, you can create a new wallet using the homepage Wizard.

Don't forget to download the .txt file. 😉

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