EtherMium provides an ideal way for projects to launch their ICO that removes most of the risks associated with running a crowdfunding campaign:

  • no risks of hacks
  • no need to build your own token distribution system
  • no advanced technical skills required, you only need to create your token
  1. Create your ERC20 token.
  2. Once your token appears in the EtherScan search results, you can access it on EtherMium
  3. Deposit tokens to EtherMium
  4. On the announced date and time place a sell order with the announced price and quantity
  5. If you are providing bonuses for the early investors, place several sell orders with respective quantities and prices. For example, if you are launching a token with a total supply of 1000 tokens at the price of 1 ETH per token and you wish to offer a bonus of 30% for the first 100 tokens, 20% for the second 100 tokens and 10% for the third 100 tokens. Then you should place 4 sell orders as follows:

    Sell 100 tokens @ 0.7 ETH
    Sell 100 tokens @ 0.8 ETH
    Sell 100 tokens @ 0.9 ETH
    Sell 700 tokens @ 1.0 ETH

    Your lowest priced order executes first (Order 1), followed by the second and so on.

Note: Another advantage of launching your ICO on EtherMium is that your customers will be able to place their orders before the launch day. This way you get information in advance about the demand for your ICO as well as allowing your investors to set up orders in advance, so they don't have to compete with each other on the launch day.

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