EtherMium combines all the benefits of centralized exchanges with none of the drawbacks plus a lot of advantages:

  • No registration. You are never asked any personal information like your name, email or address. You do not need to set a password or create an account. All operations are performed from your ETH wallet.
  • No limits. There are no limits on trading, depositing or withdrawing. All trades are performed Peer-To-Peer without any intermediation.
  • No risk of getting hacked. All funds are stored on a smart contract that can only be accessed by the owners of the funds. No one can touch your money unless you give out your private keys (we strongly recommend you don't)
  • No risk of funds being stolen by the owners. Your funds are never in the custody of the owners of the exchange, only you can access your money.

Compared to other decentralized exchanges:

  • Market orders. We are the first DEX to develop a fully functioning matching engine that allows to place market orders and stop orders
  • Instant trade execution. No competing for the same order with other users, your trade is certain to execute.
  • Instant token listings. We have no vetting mechanism, all tokens are tradable. Search for your token by name or address.
  • Affiliate program. Affiliate commissions are paid directly through our contract, instantly.
  • Great user interface. We are constantly working on delivering the best possible user experience to our customers.
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